Sunday, September 21, 2008

Classic Video Game Music Galore

I think I just found my new favourite website. Thanks to a tip-off from Internet Superstar, I have just discovered OverClocked ReMix, a website devoted to updating, rearranging and overall infusing awesome into already kick-ass classic video game soundtracks. I already get hooked by certain songs like Chemical Zone from Sonic 2, Hyrule Field Main Theme from Legend of Zelda and pretty much every theme from any Super Mario game and now I have the chance to listen to those themes fleshed out into full songs in a myriad of styles without having to pick up a controller! Okay, maybe the last bit isn't necessarily a benefit but at least I can listen to these great songs while I have other things that need to get done and I don't have time to pick up the controller. I know that I'm not the only person that gets nostalgic and wants to listen to some classic video game soundtracks; you too can download these awesome video game remixes/rearrangements to your heart's content!

On a slight tangent, I'm listening to an album of Street Fighter 2 remixes and it's becoming clear that I have never been much of a Street Fighter 2 fan. I don't think I recognize any of these themes. I guess I will need to find a copy of Street Fighter 2 to kick around.

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